High Performance Accelerometer Data Logger X2-5

High Performance Accelerometer Data Logger X2-5
Item# X2-5

Product Description

The X2-5 is our newest high sensitivity data logger incorporating the Analog Devices ADXL355 digital sensor. The ADXL355 sensor is a significant improvement over the Kionix KXRB5-2050 sensor used in the previous X2-2 logger. The X2-5 offers 20-bit resolution, selectable sample rate up to 2000 Hz, and digital filtering options. The logger operates from an internal 500mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that recharges when connected to a USB port. The X2-5 acts as a USB Mass storage device (like a USB flash drive) when connected to a computer, which provide quick and convenient access to data files. Data is stored as plain text Comma Separated Values format (.csv), ready to be imported into any spreadsheet, word processor, or end user application. Read more about the X2-5 data logger product features.

  • Low cost, compact size (4"x1"x1")
  • high-sensitivity, low noise 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2g and 8g range modes
  • User selectable sample rates of 4, 8, 16, 31, 62, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz
  • 20-bit resolution
  • Internal hardwired rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery, charges via USB
  • Push button switch to start and stop data recording
  • Easily readable comma separated text data files
  • Accurate (50 PPM) time stamped data using Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Micro-resolution feature for 0.1 millisecond timing precision
  • Data recorded to 8Gb microSD card (included)
  • Data transfer compatible with Windows/Linux/Mac via USB interface (no special software required)